quarta-feira, 1 de fevereiro de 2017

BUT Fasile21 is going to clarify!

It is the innovative solution that wins barriers and spares money and time.

We are at the same time protagonists and victims of more chaos than in the entire history of mankind - the terrible spectacle of more than seven billion people speaking 7097 languages.

Actually, we have to solve the BIGGEST problem of logistics that is dramatically damaging virtually all activities of global society!
The result: many MISFORTUNES caused by bad relationships between people and nations.

Since the beginning of mankind we stay separated and confined to thousands of TONGUES. According to Bible records, to prevent men and women from becoming too powerful, God would have condemned humanity to the CONFUSION of languages.

However... there is no EVIL that does not end, the millennial dream of communication, EASY and accessible to all human beings, is starting to become REAL!

While the pronouns existing in Fasile21 are inflected for gender and number just when it is necessary, the suffixes dance around the root words in a fantastic, logical, and creative style.

This magic language does not have useless synonyms, prefixes, suffixes, and unnecessary rules, not the exceptions present in countless languages ​​imposed by circumstances or military-mercantile interests over the centuries.

So, there is just one viable solution, to adopt Fasile21 in order to get... EASY WORLD COMMUNICATION!

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